Posted by: kentropic | August 14, 2009

Free RAM medical clinic in LA

2734460739_5c22b19dbfIf you’re reading this, you’ve seen plenty of ink spilled and pixels burned over the healthcare debate shouting match lately. I confess that it’s hard for me to see how reform of our Byzantine medical insurance system is tantamount to jackbooted thugs marching down my block. But this much I know: reasonable people can (and do) differ about whether the US has the “best healthcare system the world has ever known.”

Much of the rhetoric I’ve heard lately raises the specter of the Canadian system, as though that’s the worst fate imaginable. But if their system’s so bad, why is there a whole cottage industry aimed at US pharmaceutical customers buying and shipping their meds from over the border?

And can anyone seriously doubt that we need some major changes, after watching what happened in LA this week (see below)? Can anyone explain to me why this isn’t persuasive — really, conclusive — evidence that our healthcare system is broken, and badly in need of an overhaul? While we’re waiting, you can support the heroic work of Remote Area Medical here.

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image by Greg Easton

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