Posted by: kentropic | February 28, 2009

…and here we go.

Welcome to the kina’ole HR blog. I’ve been “ghost blogging” (leaving comments, having online conversations) all over the place, and figure I’m overdue to find my own voice and host a new forum. Thanks in advance for your time and attention!

There’s no shortage of HR blogs out there: you can find dozens — maybe hundreds — of sites devoted to the practice of what used to be called “personnel,” and lately goes by “human capital management” or “talent management.” Many of these folks are smarter and more experienced than me, and I’ll do my best to highlight their insights.

However, with very rare exceptions, these blogs are almost always written from a management point-of-view. I believe — and have seen consistently demonstrated — that the most productive (and profitable) approach to HR takes equal account of both sides of the table, management and employees.

In fact, the best approaches get rid of the old, adversarial model entirely. Building and maintaining a new, collaborative model can be insanely difficult, but I’ve found that the results are always worth the effort. At this blog, I aim to assemble some tools and guidance that line managers, executive leaders and HR types can use to make that model work.


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